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Discover Your Design Style

Discover Your Design Style

 Finding your design style is a personal and creative process. Here are some steps to help you discover your design style:

  1. Explore Inspiration:

    • Look for inspiration in various places such as magazines, books, websites, and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.
    • Save or collect images, colors, and patterns that catch your eye.
  2. Analyze Preferences:

    • Take a close look at the elements you've collected. Identify patterns or common themes among them.
    • Consider the colors, shapes, textures, and overall aesthetics that appeal to you.
  3. Reflect on Personal Taste:

    • Think about your personal preferences in everyday life. What colors, patterns, or styles do you naturally gravitate towards?
    • Consider your favorite clothing, home decor, and art. These can often reflect your aesthetic preferences.
  4. Experiment with Different Styles:

    • Don't be afraid to try out different design styles. Experimenting with various approaches can help you discover what resonates with you.
    • Create mood boards or small design projects in different styles to see what feels most comfortable and authentic.
  5. Take a Design Quiz:

    • There are online quizzes and assessments that can help you identify your design style. While not definitive, they can provide insights and inspiration.
  6. Seek Feedback:

    • Share your work with friends, colleagues, or online communities. Getting feedback from others can offer different perspectives and help you refine your style.
  7. Education and Skill Development:

    • Explore different design principles and techniques through courses, workshops, or tutorials. This can help you develop your skills and refine your style.
  8. Be Open to Evolution:

    • Your design style may evolve over time. Be open to growth and change, and don't be afraid to adapt your style as you continue to learn and develop as a designer.

Remember that finding your design style is a continuous journey, and it's okay for it to evolve as you gain more experience and exposure to different influences. Hire professional help if you need assistance on this journey. Invest in your home as you would yourself, to create a space you love to live in.
WittMoore Designs would love to help you discover your style.